Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Short Films

Here is a collection of the short films I made during my Junior and Senior years at San Francisco State University. In each of them I directed and designed the set. A brief description before each film will give you some more insight into the making of each short film. I hope you enjoy.

Before any cinema student at SFSU can move on to the more advaced classes, there are two classes he or she must pass. In these classes the students learn how to make a short film the old fashion way, with film. This short film was made in that Intro to Cinema Studies/Lab class. It was filmed using a Bolex with industrial work lamps used as lighting. We were given a few weeks to plan out our shoot but only one hour to film. This was my first film. It was written and edited by me.

Freak Feather
One assignment I had during my junior year at SFSU required us to make a short film without any real narrative. We were allowed to choose a subject but not write out a story for it. My group chose to film a feather. Again we filmed using a Bolex. The three of us were given 3 hours to film as much footage as we wanted to but each of our edits had to be unique. This is my version.

Zombie Crow
One of my favorite classes my senior year at SFSU was my Online Cinema class. In that class we learned the origins of the internet and how media has changed to fit in with the internet. New Media. Our final project was to make a film that we considered "web cinema" and a website dedicated to that film. My short movie "Zombie Crow" was filmed using a digital camera. Since the film was going to be placed on Youtube, and computer screens are not very big, the camera should be small as well. It was a quick and easy movie making process. I wrote, filmed, and edited the movie. The crow mask was made of cardboard and papeir mache. I am very proud of it.

Scene from "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" 
During the Final Semester at San Francisco State University, I was lucky enough to be chosen to be in the Directing class. Our final project required us to choose a scene from a movie and to film that scene. Rather than replicating the scene shot for shot, we were told to interpret the script outselves and make the scene unique. While we were given weeks to plan out our shoot, each student was given 3-4 hours to build their set, light the set, film, and clean up.

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