Monday, August 1, 2011

Plaster Cloth Masks

I have been looking for some good blank Skull masks without any luck these past few weeks. The only ones I found are sold during Halloween at Michaels. Rather than wait until October, I took it upon myself to make my own blanks. Using Rigid-Wrap Plaster Cloth (purchased at a Blick Art Supply Store) and a skull bank I had, I made a simple skull mask. I used masking tape to clean up the edges of the mask and the edges of the eye holes (which were cut out using a box cutter). This is how the first blank mask looked:

I drew this picture while I was working on the mask. I knew I had to bring this picture to life. 

After a quick trip to buy fake flowers, veil fabric, and a late night of painting and gluing, the mask was done.

The veil is 2 layers; the top is black and the bottom is red.

The next day I repeated the entire process and made another mask. The mustache was made of a paper towel wrapped in foil, which was wrapped again in the rigid-wrap.