Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween 2011- Tron Jacket, Pirates, Zombies, and more!

I was fortunate this Halloween season to work on multiple costumes and props. While I was unable to wear all of them (all but 1) I had a lot of fun making them.

The first costume was a Tron themed costume. I based it off the rebellious programs that are seen talking to Zeus in Tron: Legacy. A quick trip to a thrift shop and an order for LE tape, along with some flea market finds made this costume possible.
A quick look at the EL tape (light tape) and the wiring.

 Each piece of tape had to be bent and taped over to give it the right shape for the Tron Jacket.

 A test of the lighting. It works! There are a few kinks in the wiring, but I plan on fixing those in the near future.

The completed jacket turned on.

The full outfit, complete with identity disk mounted on the back and baton.

The jacket lit up. My girlfriend's pirate costume was made using pirate costume parts I own and that she owns. Turned out pretty good.

Us at the USS Hornet's Halloween Dance.

We again dressed as zombies for the Academy of Science's Nightlife Halloween night. Here's our makeup. Again, I made the prosthetics and applied the makeup.

I was unable to wear this costume due to a family emergency. I made the mask using my skull bank as a template. It was made using plaster gauze and hand painted. I plan on wearing it to the next Day of the Dead Celebration in San Francisco.

A Halloween prop I made and a pumpkin I carved for Halloween.